Content is your business suit

Content consulting for technology companies

The Need

You have a great product, you worked hard for it and you visualize a promising future for you and your company. You know your product can benefit people, and your work is very important to you.
Your content is the communication channel to your customers. They are always listening, and you need something that catches their senses.
How do you start creating your content? Where should you advertise? How can you get investors attention from the piles of one-pagers they see every day?

The Process

It is all about asking the right questions. I have a formula for producing effective content, and I will teach it to you while we create your content. Your job is to answer my questions and tell me about you, your company, the market, your strengths, your vision and all about your customers; how your product changes their lives and gives them value.
Content creation is based on a set of rules combined with your own messages, which we will put together for communicating with your customers, and for reaching your business goals.

The outcome

During our consultation we will analyze your business building blocks, refine your main messages and put together the required content.
We will build the basis for all your content needs, and I will teach you how to easily adapt it to various media, such as one-pager, website, social media, advertisements, blogs, PRs, scripts for videos and more.
Together we will produce the accurate messages for your target audience and present these messages in an intelligent, authentic, clear and attractive manner.


Content for HI-tech companies

  Shiraz Adin 

  • Content consultant and adviser
  • Marketing mentor for start-up companies 
  • Lecturer on marketing and content
  • Expert in creating marketing and sales content 
  • Writer of blogs and guides
  • Many years of experience in the high-tech industry, in R&D, project management, customer management, marketing and sales

I founded Hi-Content in order to promote companies using my expertise in management, technical knowledge and writing skills. Being part of innovation is my passion, I am familiar with your world and excited to be part of your success” – Shiraz Adin

“Shiraz is a highly valued mentor at our startup incubator. She helps our entrepreneurs position their company and products, and provides them guidance for creating their marketing materials such as one-pagers, presentations, websites and videos.”

“Shiraz is wonderful to work with.  She helped create and design our marketing materials (decks, branding, videos, slogans…) and demonstrated fantastic expertise. She is dedicated, self-motivated and very talented. Besides her positive attitude and forward-thinking ability, Shiraz showed the rare ability to synthetize complex ideas into clear, concise and effective messages. Her work is nothing but impressive. Highly recommended!” Jacques Amselem, Ph.D., Co-Founder and CTO, Hi-Deep Tech

“It was a real pleasure to work with Shiraz on the marketing messages of my website. Shiraz is very precise in creating the messages, very creative, positions the product well, and most importantly, she really cares and is fun to work with.”

Raya D, Qlickcollect

“Shiraz helped us with various marketing materials over a long period of time. She is technological and very professional, she provides added value and brings up ideas for better positioning.”

Yuval Tal, CEO, One1SaMBa

Lectures, courses & mentoring

COntent workshops

The content workshops are intended for owners, managers, executives, marketing, sales and HR  personnel. They provide content marketing and communication tools and skills for promoting business goals. The workshops are focused and include personal attention to the participants, along with work on actual content projects.


There are so many products There are so many ads There is so little time people have There is so little patience they have SO HOW CAN YOU BE NOTICEABLE?


Often I bump into content that introduces new apps, and includes cool images, funny videos, all sorts of animations and great explanations BUT NO SCREENSHOTS of the actual app. As a user – does this seem right to you?